Advanced Computer Systems A.C.S. SpA

Advanced Computer Systems A.C.S. SpA

Advanced Computer Systems A.C.S. SpA

Industry: IT and Services
Founded: 1979
Type: Privately Held
Size: 51-200 Employees.
Address: Via della Bufalotta, 378, 00139 Roma, Italy
Specialities: Payload Data Ground Segments, SW Solutions and Facilities for EO ground segments, EO Applications, Optical Processors, SAR Processors, Virtual Reality, 3D, Long Term maintenance and operational services, Maritime Applications, Virtual reality, 3D
Categories: Virtual Reality, 3D

ACS is Italian SME, whose core business is focused on turn-key ground solutions for EO multi-mission payload data acquisition and processing systems, applications and services in the last 30 years. Today ACS is renowned by national and international Space Agencies, Industries, Universities and Research Institutes as trusted supplier, reputable competitor and/or reliable partner.

Technology forms the basis of ACS core solutions thanks to continuous technological research, strategic understanding of the market, hands-on knowledge and innovation.
The ability to develop complex systems (performing, scalable, modular, permitting future upgrades and evolution) is accompanied with an effective project management compliant with ISO procedures and ECSS standards.


Multi-mission Payload Ground Station uses common infrastructure with addition of mission specific modules to handle Landsat 1-7, SPOT 1-4, ERS-1/2, JERS, XSAR, NOAA AVHRR, MOS-1, Terra-MODIS, RADARSAT, ENVISAT, GOCE, CRYOSAT, ADM-AEOLUS, CRYOSAT IIā€¦data. ACS Ground Stations can be deployed as large, medium or compact configurations according to specific performance needs.

Functionalities, facilities and tools can be offered as whole or separately e.g. monitoring & control, ingestion, processing (optical and radar instruments), enhanced user interfaces, mission analysis and planning, web access to catalogue, custom tailored (scalable) archive, test data generation, calibration/validation and quality control.

ACS is providing operational and long term maintenance support services for their ground systems

EO Applications for: monitoring of vegetation, volcano eruptions, desertification; forest mapping, detection of marine pollution, environmental risks and disaster prevention, cartography and DEM production, urban expansion control in coastal zones, applied Interferometry, Web-based user applications, EO Image Information Mining.

Our Team

Francesco Fornari
Francesco Fornari Head of Java Development
Nino Pace
Nino Pace IT Manager
Francesco Avanzi
Francesco Avanzi Analista Protrammatore C++
Marco Favoino
Marco Favoino Software