4tiitoo GmbH

4tiitoo GmbH

4tiitoo GmbH

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 0
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Sankt-Martin-Straße 53 München, 81669 Germany
Specialities: Eye Tracking, Gesture Recognition, Speech Recognition, Natural User Experience, SDK, Middleware, Perceptual Computing, HMI Prototyping
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4tiitoo's NUIA allows people to control everyday devices and applications in a consistent and natural way based on inputs like gaze, gestures and speech. It predicts the user's intentions and allows devices to act automatically and more intelligently.

• As cross-sensor platform NUIA processes data from eye trackers (e.g Tobii EyeX, SMI red-OEM), 3D cameras/wearables (e.g. Intel RealSense, Leap Motion, Myo), speech recognition engines, mobile devices, AR/VR headsets, IoT devices, and measuring sensors
• It connects the sensor-data with any environment (e.g. workstation, mobile, TV, control panel, HUD, VR/AR headset, 3D CAVE) and any application or web service
• NUIA’s patent-pending “Intention Prediction Technology”™ allows devices to interact automatically and more intelligently
• NUIA's “Input Injection Technology”™ requires no changes to hardware and software environment

Benefits for HMI prototyping
• Reduces HMI prototyping time and effort by 70%
• NUIA enables single and multi-sensor solutions with consistent and intuitive user experience
• Easy extensible with any kind of sensor or input/output device

Benefits for workplace integration
• Improve worker productivity
• Reduce stress-related downtimes
• Improve work environment quality

Selection of enabled apps
• Office: Excel, PowerPoint, Salesforce
• Communication: Outlook, Webex, Skype
• Design: Photoshop, CATIA
• Development: Visual Studio, Eclipse

Case Studies
• Computing: Control PC via eye tracking, gestures and speech
• Automotive: Control HUD and center control via eye tracking
• Aviation: Control 3D CAVE via gestures and speech
• Aviation: Control CAD app via eye tracking, gestures and speech
• Medical: Control display via eye tracking
• Mechanical Engineering: Control industry machine via eye tracking and face recognition
• Digital Signage: Analyze audience composition and adapt content

Our Team

Tore Meyer
Tore Meyer CEO
Stephan Odörfer
Stephan Odörfer CTO
Silke Eineder
Silke Eineder Manager Marketing
Maximilian Kurthen
Maximilian Kurthen Machine Learning Developer