4D Pipeline

4D Pipeline

4D Pipeline

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 2012
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: 4D Pipeline San Jose, California 95130 United States
Specialities: Product Design, Product Development, Product Management, All things Visual – Visualization, 3D/2D Graphics, Augmented Reality, Rendering, GUI design, GPU
Categories: Augmented Reality
4D Pipeline is a digital product design and strategy firm, we help companies Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy incredibly successful products and apps which customers love.

Our core business is to help startups and fortune 1000s take a concept for a software product or app (mobile, cloud, desktop) all the way through to a successful market release. We also often step in to help companies find new product and business opportunities for growth in new markets.

We have a world wide interdisciplinary team of product managers, designers and software developers that work together to quickly develop prototypes and then MVP's for our clients. The Minimum Viable Product process helps keep costs down and takes an aim an steer approach for the best possible product outcome and experience.

Clients include Intel, NVIDIA, Unity Technologies, DELL, Dassault Systèmes 3DEXCITE, Honeywell, Bunkspeed, Lightworks, zSpace, Nemetschek, bim+, Ventuz, CL3VER, Qualcomm, Panasonic, Onuma, RhodeCode, Simplygon, Teleflora, Cosmesys, BIMobject, HDR Lightmap, CDS, PurpleDoor, Gini, Hillert, and many other leading brands.

One of our specialties is in developing highly visual beautiful 3D Apps (mobile, desktop, cloud), many of which use cutting edge Augmented Reality (AR) experiences and/or Oculus Rift VR experiences.

Industries: Enterprise & consumer platforms & Apps, CAD, PLM, AEC, BIM; Design, Visualization, Simulation, 2D/3D plugins, 3D Viewers, Oculus VR, WebGL, and Entertainment.

Contact: success[at]4Dpipeline.com
Blog: blog.4Dpipeline.com
Twitter: @4Dpipeline

Silicon Valley, CA, USA.
Zurich, Switzerland.

Our Team

Scott Mocha
Scott Mocha Executive Producer
Jed Fisher
Jed Fisher Partner
Tyler Worden
Tyler Worden Partner
Juan Camilo Alcaraz
Juan Camilo Alcaraz 3D Generalist - Unity3d Developer - Technical Artist
Konstantin (Gildor) Nosov
Konstantin (Gildor) Nosov Software
Antonio Salvemini
Antonio Salvemini Software
Jim Williams
Jim Williams Software
Imtiaz Kagalwala
Imtiaz Kagalwala Software
Mark Carolan
Mark Carolan Contract Programmer