CEVA’s DSP Tech Encourages Rapid Growth Of IOT

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There is little doubt that Internet of Things or IoT is the next big thing in the information and communication (IT) landscape. And that’s the reason technology giants across the world are investing heavily either in developing IoT applications or in providing internet of things solutions to businesses.

CEVA - a global leader in signal processing IP for everything smart and connected. (PRNewsFoto/CEVA, Inc.)

CEVA – a global leader in signal processing IP for everything smart and connected. (PRNewsFoto/CEVA, Inc.)

CEVA, a company which offers high-end digital signal processing or DSP technology to the semiconductor industry is looking forward to playing a great role in industrial growth by offering significant contributions in the field of IoT.

The company which has been working towards developing DSP technology for more than two decades now has completed its 10th major annual technology event in Hsinchu, Taiwan on 21st November 2016, wherein it spoke extensively about the growth and implementation of IoT devices.

CEVA Technology Symposium 2016 was primarily held in Taiwan, however, the company decided to organize two more sessions in important Chinese cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai right after the completion of the main event. Considering the fact that a large number of people attend CEVA events in Asia, the company makes it sure that it organizes a number of tech events annually here.

According to reports, CEVA’s DSP technology come with real-time data processing capability. In addition to that, it can easily assist all those applications that need a quick real-time response.

The crucial applications of digital signal processing technology include data compression, advanced voice processing, eradication of background noise, and bringing improvement in signal quality etc.

CEVA , which offers memory bandwidth and advanced DSP engines, has its technology installed in a variety of smart devices. You will be surprised to know that nowadays more than 90% of Smartphones incorporate the technology developed by CEVA. Until now the contributions provided by CEVA in the semiconductor industry cannot be ignored.

The company continues to provide necessary technological assistance to IC design houses across the world when it comes to helping them in minimizing the time-to-market by quickening product development.

The entire focus of this year’s ‘CEVA Technology Symposium’ was on emerging trends in digital signal processing. The event was a great place for IoT enthusiasts as a lot about it was discussed during the keynote speeches provided by eminent speakers such as Moshe Sheier the Director of Strategic Marketing at CEVA.

Apart from having an extensive discussion on IoT, things like smart devices and machine learning applications were also discussed largely by the speakers.

During the technology sessions which were arranged in the afternoon, industry leaders spoke tremendously about IoT and computer vision, wherein problems like devices facing connectivity issues were discussed.

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