opular tools have been developed to democratize the creation of augmented and virtual reality software applications. Early on, developers were provided with commonly adopted open-source libraries and had to spend additional time integrating these with other common development tools. Today, seamless and fully integrated development tools allow developers and companies to build and deploy augmented and virtual reality applications quickly. Popular tools include Metaio’s Creator, DAQRI’s 4D Studio, Wikitude Studio and Catchoom. All work with the Unity3D game engine which supports one-click publishing to 21 other popular platforms.

Metaio Developers – It’s Time to Switch it Up
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Metaio Developers – It’s Time to Switch it Up

With the cancellation of InsideAR a few weeks back and the deletion of the @metaioDev and @metaio Twitter handles, one can only suspect something is definitely going on over there at Metaio. Is it a buyout? A super-sweet purchase by a major industry player! Is Mark Zuckerberg going to socially augment reality?!?! Hopefully we’ll find out […]

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