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If you are a developer seeking for jobs or projects, or an employer looking for workers/freelancers, all in the line of technologies we deal with, you are welcome to enlist yourself in the Job listing section of the site.

To apply for listing please provide us with the following details and submit your application to

Employers seeking for workers/freelancers

  • Company Details – Company name and a short description
  • Job description- it should be in fields of AR/VR/Wearables/IoT/Computer Vision or related technologies
  • Job requirements – Experience, fields of expertise etc
  • Job type – partial/full time, work from home, student job etc
  • Place of work – company address / else
  • Working condition – working days and hours, personal room / open space, breaks, food and leverage, pc with two screens / laptop. please provide as much details as needed
  • Contact details – email, phone no. etc


Job seekers

  • Full name & title
  • A link to your Linkedin profile / resume / other (if such exists)
  • Contact details – email, phone no. etc
  • Field of expertise
  • Employment experience
  • Qualifications
  • Employment state: working /not work
  • Requested job type – partial/full time, work from home, student job etc
  • About me

After we receive an email from you with these details, one of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours to verify the details before we prepare the ad for you.

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