BMW’s Improved Augmented Reality Helmet

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In this year’s CES, BMW’s motorcycle group and tech company DigiLens presented the next wave and next generation concept helmet featuring a built-in heads-up HUD or display.

In essence, the helmet possesses a Google Glass-like augmented reality headset put up in it showing helpful information such as speed, fuel level as well as other advanced features such as road sign recognition and integration of vehicle to vehicle to signal of any impending or upcoming dangers on the way. The functions of this helmet are put into action with controls on the left handlebar of the motorcycle.

BMW’s Improved AR Helmet

This augmented reality helmet also has a forward facing action camera that can record all your rides, GoPro-Style, as well as a rear facing cam which that can indeed be used as the virtual rear-view mirror in the heads-up display.

The easiest description of the device would be a Google Glass for the motorcycle helmet, only that the viewing lens is expressively larger. It compellingly fastens itself onto the helmet of the rider, right in front of the eye, and then delivers real-time updates on information such as usage of fuel, traffic warnings, engine functions and speed. The data of the outside world that is streamed into the lens is scrapped from the 360-degree traffic view and the conditions of the road surrounding the biker.

BMW Improved AR Helmet

Other than the operational data, HUD also shows turn indicators for the pre-selected trips as well as offers the on-demand replay of both rear and front cameras of the helmet, a feature that is particularly useful in the event of accidents.

Meanwhile, the helmet will not be available for sale up to 2017. The price hasn’t been announced yet. The heads-up display (HUD) tech will be established at the CES going down in Las Vegas this week and a real life BMW Motorrad motorcycle stimulant would be used.

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