Bjork Releases Virtual Reality Music Video

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Bjork’s latest masterpiece is a virtual reality music video for the song Notget with her character as a shiny, glittering, and flaming sea creature of some sort.

The Icelandic singer immerses her fans in a digital underwater world of fantasy, with her in it as a dark underwater creature with flaming fins and an aesthetic mask that glitters in the darkness.

The Team Behind Notget’s Success

The idea came from an Icelandic virtual reality films, Stonemilker and Black Lake. Notget bore out of yet another phenomenal collaboration of Bjork with James Merry. Under the direction of filmmakers and photographers Nick Thornton Jones and Warren Du Preez, the unique music video marries quite appropriately with Bjork’s kind of music.

Bjork’s music team conducted a Digital exhibit shortly after the premiere of her single at the Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik. The music video was showcased for about a month long.

Brief Background of Bjork’s Career

Bjork feels even more fulfilled to have released this video with some of the most prominent Icelandic film and music video enthusiasts. She considers this her first in her four-decade career of eclectic style, musicality, and weirdness.

Some of her influences include pop, electronic, experimental, avant-garde, and trip hop. She is known to be crazy creative with her clothes in concerts and music festivals, which made her set a mark in the music industry. Music videos with VR concepts suits this artist because of her pure passion for digital arts.

The Birthday singer has made it to the top of the charts in the US and the UK and has won several awards. She has won 21 times in different Icelandic music award-winning bodies, bagged 4 MTV music awards trophies, won 5 Brit Music Awards, and was granted the Polar Music Prize by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music for her contribution in music and her unique, unprecedented voice.

Bjork’s Flourishing Musical Career

For as long as she lives, she will continue to influence musical aspirants, especially now that there is quite a number of new kids in the industry trying out experimental type of music. With today’s technologies and VR possibilities, the marriage between music and digital arts will continue to flourish as much as Bjork’s 40-year career is.

It is expected that she will have more artistic contributions that will inspire more musicians to embrace their own uniqueness.

Notget has over 700,500 views on YouTube and counting.


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