This is only the beginning

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Thank you Infinityleap for giving us the opportunity to share, create and connect with others on this innovative platform. We are excited to join forces.

We want to start with an introduction of our passion, vision and company. We love Virtual Reality.  Not only because it is so cool and awesome, but because it allows us to create a whole experiences and virtual worlds. From putting on a head-mounted display (HMD) and digitally feeling like you are being transported to another place as well as interacting in both passive and active modes. This gives us the power to bring the ‘story’ to life and connect users to our digital world.

Our latest work involved creating a ‘story’ of what an Art Faire is.  It is just impossible to show it all but we had the pleasure to create a 5 minute 360 video, from singers to artists. It was really interesting how it all came together, because keeping viewers engaged for 5 minutes is a tough task. But, we proved that it works and we want to share this project with you and the rest of the Infinityleap community.

Hope you like it. YouTube 360: Barcú #ÚntateDeCultura

We aren’t stopping here.  We not only want to create 360 video experiences, we want to create an Immersive Lab to empower both teachers and students and digitize and revolutionize the educational process.

This is only the beginning.

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