Augmented Reality Will Be Available On Apple iPhone 8 Teasing Frontier For Smartphones

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Next season, it is expected that Apple will launch its next generation Augmented Reality applications on iPhone. Expectation will be higher because this year signatures ten years since Steve Jobs first announced the revolutionary Apple product.

Speculations about what new features Apple might offer with its iPhone 8 are spreading all over. A general agreement steps forward that Augmented Reality will be featured on Apple iPhone 8 as its newest frontier for smartphones.

Working on AR Applications

As reported, Apple has numbers of people recently working on ways to bring AR to the widespread. Enterprising designers have taken it up to themselves to create ideas of what the next iPhone might look like while waiting for its expected September launch of the new iPhone.

iPhone 8

One of the most favorable concept is from Gábor Balogh, a product designer based from Budapest. His iPhone 8 concept features a lovely edge to edge screen and many analyst believes it will make its debut this year.

Although this concept seems similar to iPhone 7, the device will look much larger in this concept. He will also feature a dynamic background that diverts based on whatever the camera is pointing at.

If you ask the virtual assistant in this iPhone 8, Siri will be able to identify landmarks and locations around to tell you the things you need to know.

Balogh visions an iPhone that will take the hypothesis out of just following directions on Google Maps and Apple so here is where AR then be very useful.

AR in iOS

In augmented reality you will be using the camera to demonstrate an easy way to follow blue line that will take your way to your destination.

Hence, application through the top of an iPhone screen can  be hard to climb, only by an edge to edge screen is the remedy to this problem. With this iPhone 8 concept, it can rotate the problem issue by changing the apps down towards home button.

The Last Say

For the last say, this concept also shows the future AR integration along with the Health app, for you to have as simple as pointing your phone to someone and tell Siri how is it going.

The world is getting excited for the future of the iPhone 8 and can’t wait until September when the event will take its place.

Only Apple can take notes on how close time will just be and a lot of rumors between then and now is much expected too.


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