Augmented Reality Life Exposed In the New Sci Fi Short Film, “Strange Beasts”

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Augmented Reality has taken with a peculiar dark view of the future in the new British sci-fi short film Strange Beasts.

The short film will show how augmented reality technology could inevitably lead to the circumstance in the near future that people could no longer differentiate what’s real and what’s not.

A lot of people are apprehensive for augmented reality to keep going up to  the possibility for achievement promised by the sci-fi. People are still on the wait  for the next tiny piece of news from Magic Leap and will keep loops on how HoloLens from Microsoft will completely change careers displayed right in front of you.

Strange Beasts” is a sci-fi short film narrating the future with the regular application of the new technology which shares a vision of a considerably different and less optimistic world twisted around with augmented reality.

Film In Brief.

  • Victor.

As introduced to the viewers, Victor is the character who promotes a new Augmented Reality video game which enables gamers to make and raise a creature of their choice and be their own home accomplice.

He manifest how users should act as a part of the story by indicating that the media today does not provide the immersive interactions that can only be found in Augmented Reality.

  • Anna.

Victor’s daughter.

Introduced in the story as it progresses, who has with her a companion named, “Blooby”.

At this point, the dystopian inflection of the film is in its full development.

The writer and director of the sci-fi short film, Magali Barbe, exposed her series of actions on her exclusive blog. She already had the concept for her film early of 2016. At first, she hopes to attract viewers by surprise about AR with in hoax video. It takes a lot of research and then after that she decided to do transition  of the project into narrative. “Strange Beasts” then arrived at its final form after a short while.

The sci-fi short film, without a doubt turned the heat on to its numerous viewers to think about the possible realities of living in a world that is not a hundred percent real. Along with the progressing of Augmented Reality technology in such sustained state, the possibility that it will not be taking a lot of years away from discovering whether the future will turn out more like the most out of optimistic visualizations like the world fabricated in “Strange Beasts”.

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