Augmented Reality In Its First Decade

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Augmented Reality was initiated in February 2006 by Jeff Han. It was a demo for an experimental “multi touch” interface as a TED Talk.

Today, as on its first decade, all of their sophisticated technologies have been gaining audience applauses.

Recent launches for “multi touch”:

  • An interesting concept for research laboratories.
  • Similar demos from its first demos started appearing in public.
  • First possible consumer product appeared in the iPhone.
  • Market started blowing up as the iPhone and Android evolved.

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon were doing something from AR, plus the range of smaller companies have also started making compelling works.

Evolution of AR:

  1. Google Glass. This shows a screen wherein things float in space in front of the user but not really connected to the actual world in any way. It’s like a smartwatch.
  2. 3D Headset. It’s like a mixed reality. Device starts to have alertness in the environment and can put up things in the world where users can suspend imagination as if they are real. It works as 3D mapping of the surroundings and can mark your head position at all times.
  3. Augmentation of reality. The array of image sensors in the glasses are not scaling the objects around but identifying it, not just displaying things in lateral to the world but really as a piece of it.

AR glasses are now trying to comprehend the world surrounding each user more, they are also viewing and sending what they see to an infinite different services.

As of today, confusions about how many people will have one of these ARs. Would AR be just a supplementary for mobile phones or would it be spreading over small towns around the world like Androids? Would everyone have it similar to mobile data devices?

The concept of scale and prevailing purpose of calculating means that PC and smartphone became the first single universal device of more or less 5 billion people with mobile phone and another estimation of 3 billion who have smartphone. Such promising majority for technology will then follow.

Thus, augmented reality means not just for using Pokemon Go or Snapchat lenses, hence is about wearing a device on your eyes which you look through, that put illusional objects into the real world through effects in glasses. AR is the term that suits for all these mixed reality.

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  1. 2006? Umm, that’s at least a half a century late. I built and used my first augmented reality system in 1956, and that was after Morton Heilig had built one some time previous to that (I don’t have the exact date for his first AR unit).

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