Augmented Reality For Lifestyle E-Commerce Now Available On Apollo Box

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Augmented reality has the perfect time to expo what rad it brings to people.

Through product visualization, Apollo Box which was based in Santa Clara, uses AR to encourage online e-commerce. This is an online shopping place for an electronic excerpt for lifestyle products launched last year. Recreating the e-commerce experience has been made possible with an augmented reality feature named Teleport.

Testings are done last year with AR on its shopping place with sets of selected products but this year the platform opens up with technology to any products.

The marketplace gathers about 500,000 active consumers until today and about 1,200 products arising out of circa vendors. Products stretch from A to Z.

In association with AR, the start up has sold over 1,105 products which is about 8.5% of all sales as of the period, detailed by co-founder Will Li. A 25% conversion rate boost on technology was also recognized.

Li expected a sustained growth on the marketplace for AR now that the technology is open to all merchants.

What happens in Teleport:

  • Merchants send product images to Apollo’s market place in AR for enabling potential consumers to view the products. Start up then converts the images to 3D files.
  • To continue interaction with the virtual products, simple animation can also be created.
  • Shoppers are enabled to view and put a 3D portrayal on the comfort anywhere in their home.
  • Recommended devices were iPhone 5s and above and Android 5.0.

Apollo Box’s tech functions without needing a print out or any marker in the physical location like any other apps of AR .

Li confirmed that they used an estimated value about two feet for devices without depth sensor to which distance between the camera and the surface to put the items were not accurate. The estimated distance was decided from the visualization of a standing person in front of an office desk. It could be the best placing for a correct display of size.

Apollo Box focused in lifestyle product context where AR was working to help shoppers get a great feel for products they thought of buying.

Markerless AR tech can work without any restrictions like time and place that’s why it is more favorable aside from the fact that their products have unique functions and chill features.

Apollo Box still hopes that AR feature would generate basic marketing for the marketplace so that shoppers could share photos via screenshots of the products they play around.

Interesting outputs from customer interviews sounded like many who have viewed the augmented reality feature was a great fun and gratifying experience.

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