Augmented Reality Expected to Market $50B In Five Years, Experts Say

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A lot of people in today’s technology believe that Augmented Reality is the next big thing to come after smartphones.

It is known that Microsoft and Magic Leap are currently operating on headsets that uproot computer images into the real world and it is also uncertain that the other huge companies like Apple and Facebook are doing the same thing. With these visuals, analysts say that augmented reality will have a $50B market in five years time.

For the meantime, Snapchat and Pokemon Go’s collection of likes are making a basic and friendly impression in the technology while amateurs like Doppler Labs have functioned the same reality bending concepts into the headphones. This is a great concept everyone is taking seriously even when the downfall of Google Glass lingers.

There is a chart from Statista that adds fuel to the expectations of the analysts and even those ordinary observers. In the current forecast, details on the chart encourage the analysts from IDC anticipated that augmented reality headsets will have a market of nearly $50 billion in proceeds by 2021. Analysts also envision that its unit sales will increase to 27 million or more.

In this regard, more cash is also coming over because the headsets will be worth over 1,000 dollars according to IDC. They also think that the technology will take it off on function areas before settling in as products of the consumers.

According to some industry experts, even with the expected growth of VR, AR is one undeniable short term bet along the way with its clear potential that was also demonstrated last year and up until now with the success of Pokemon Go.

It has been obvious that augmented reality played the major aspect in Pokemon Go’s success. Today, more brands have been making use of mobile AR and locations for further promotional efforts. It is precisely the basic type of AR experience that gamers are likely to engage and interact with.

IDC considers AR’s strength will go far beyond virtual reality, which has been already stumbling out the gate after at least establishing itself in few ways via headsets like Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive and  Sony’s Playstation VR. Though IDC believes that it is the lower priced VR headsets, for example the Google Cardboard which was predicted to harm VR in the distant future,  will transmit potential consumers off with much run down experiences.

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