Augmented Reality and Cars: Getting There With GPS Navigation

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Since the evolution of car navigation systems, developers have worked to enhance driver safety and to improve technology features of their apps. While driver distraction is cited as one of the leading causes of fatal car accidents in recent years, it would be safe to say that taking your eyes off the road to check or adjust your GPS, even for a few seconds, could be fatal.

One Swiss startup, WayRay is working to improve driver safety and adaptability with the introduction of the Navion, the first augmented reality (AR) navigation system that uses holographics to projest GPS imagery and driver notifications onto the windshield of a car.

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How Does Navion Work

The Navion, known as the “first-ever holographic navigation system for cars,” is placed on a cars dashboard and projects a virtual route into the regular focal range of the driver. The driver sees the navigation signs laid out directly on the road ahead of the moving vehicle, while the driver’s eyes are focused safely on the road at all times.

“We call this concept natural navigation, and we believe it will change the way we drive,” WayRay said in a press release.

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Safety Features of Navion

* No helmet or eyewear necessary

Projects the virtual route before the windshield ahead of the moving vehicle

No need to turn your head to peek at turn-by-turn directions

Eliminates driver distraction

“The way we interact with our cars has stayed pretty much the same for the last 100 years. No one has come up with a new way to interface with all of the information we need when we drive. WayRay is a European startup that is looking to change that.” ~ Forbes

Other Features of Navion

You can also integrate the Navion with your smartphone. You can accomplish this by downloading your favorite apps from the Navion Appstore. While in your favorite apps, you will be able to see holographic images projected onto the windshield, similar to the Navion in GPS mode. As a safety precaution, you will only have access to additional apps only when it is safe enough to do so.

Another great feature of the Navion is your ability to interact with your car through the use of unique touch gestures and voice commands. Turning knobs and tapping buttons are a thing of the past when you use the Navion. Additionally, you will be able to access weather information and change screen view using your voice or your hands.

Above all, WayRay’s focus on eliminating driver distraction while providing important information in real time, is AR innovation at it’s finest. According to numerous product reviews, the Navion will change the way we drive. With the Navion’s safety concept in AR, we should see a dramatic reduction in distracted drivers on the road.

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