Asus To Take On Its Own Augmented Reality Glasses

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Asus To Take On Its Own Augmented Reality Glasses

Microsoft may not be the only one playing the game when it comes to augmented reality glasses.

The sixth largest PC maker, Asus is in talks with Microsoft, the Windows software maker on building a Microsoft HoloLens version of its own. The executive vice president of Microsoft Terry Myerson and Asus’ chairman Jonney Shih told CNET.

The interest of Asus in becoming the first external company to build a device version for Microsoft could be a great boost in terms of augmented reality projecting 3-Dimentional images in front of your eyes and also overlaying them in real life environments. So far, there is no such HoloLens version on the market yet. In early 2016, it is expected that Microsoft would release a version for the software developers for about $3000. The move is intended to spur the developers to come up with HoloLens apps which would be appealing to the consumers.

Based in Taiwan, Asus is famous for building quality and affordable PCs and could possibly in the end create affordable glasses suitable for your home. For Microsoft, hopes are that many companies would like and adopt the technology that was introduced in January and also runs Windows 10.

The Version of HoloLens of Microsoft’s Minecraft, a madly common game where gamers use textured cubes to build 3-Dimentional world has so far captivated and overwhelmed the crowds. Earlier this year, CNET called Microsoft’s Minecraft a killer app for the HoloLens.

The Surface Tension

Earlier this month, both Myerson and Shih were in San Francisco at an Asus event launching new gaming PCs. These two companies have teamed up closely over the past years, although they have not been good friends. Other than making the Windows PC as well as tablets, Asus also sells devices that run on Google’s android software. In the meantime, Microsoft did not tell the makers of PCs of its original Surface tablet till shortly before launching in 2012, this actually brought about the tension between Microsoft and its computer partners.

Eventually, Microsoft said that it build the Surface to spur innovation in the computing industry and also show the consumers that such kinds of devices were possible under Windows. From then, almost all the key makers of PCs have released products similar to that.

Rethinking Google Glass

Asus will probably not be making a headset reliant on the first or previous version of Google Glass, which is viewed as very limited in terms of user interface as well as capabilities.

The Glass, that was first showed off by Google in 2012, connected to the internet, overlaid images as well as graphics over what the users saw with their own eyes. The device cost $1500 and included basic functionality apps such as a Facebook app that let people upload pictures from Google Glass to their Facebook timelines directly.

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