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The issue of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a mystery for mankind for decades. Movies, literature – you name it – robots and intelligent machines were always an issue of both: great fascination and worrisome panic. However, over the last month, the technology of artificial intelligence made a huge step from fiction towards reality. Google, Amazon, IBM – they all want now to participate in the fast growing market of the future. The advantages of AI for the so called Industry 4.0 are clear and not far to seek. But wait, there is even more: artificial intelligence is not only the future of manufacturing, but also the one of the communication area!

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker

This quote perfectly describes the problem that communication managers, marketers and co have to deal with. The question which is burned deep into our minds: How do I reach my target group? Which message is the best to stimulate my customer? Persado was able to find the right answer for those questions. At least Goldman Sachs was thinking so as they gave the 2012 founded company $30 million last week. But what makes Persado so unique that it is worth investing some really big bugs? The company, which is one of the leading firms in the cognitive content business, developed software that combines the different modules of the marketing mix to create an audience friendly message – aimed at the desired target group. Where copyrighters, marketers and media producers spent hours on the approach of designing the perfect slogan or message to be transported, Persado uses its “cognitive content” to hit the bull’s eye with its software.

 “Cognitive content has a much broader applicability if you think that in the next few years everyone wants to inspire action” – Assaf Baciu, co-founder of Persado

But the company’s goal is not to take over the jobs of the copyrighters around the globe. They want to help them with some new features in the tool-set to guide marketing into the digital era.

So, this is how Persado helps to find the right message for the campaign by using / with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Now the slogan must be transferred into a video or ad. The best way to reach customers nowadays is by using video communication. But not every company out there can afford to invest in a production company or hire a communication agency.

“It is crucial for marketers to start creating and incorporating video as part of their content strategies 74% of all Internet Traffic in 2017 will be video.” – Syndacast, Video Marketing Trends 2015

Today video communication is a nice touch to a greater ad campaign, but in the near future it will be more than that. It will be expected to have it. In order to help small companies to participate in that future communication market, there is an AI solution:

GliaCloud was founded in 2015 and developed an software based on artificial intelligence that creates videos out of pure text and data. The AI combines videos, photos and off-text and creates short promotion clips. All this is purely based on the given data as well as the database behind the so-called GliaStudio.

“Our generated videos can enhance the click-through rate of their social media posts, bring more traffic, and lead to more profits.“ – Agnes Peng, COO GliaCloud

This can be deemed as a true revolution in audiovisual communications which combines the text medium with the multimedia world.

These are only two examples of how marketing will be changing in the near future. With the help of artificial intelligence and big data the door to an innovative communication sector is opened. The marketers just have to accept the new tools to revolutionize the communication as we know it.


The German version of the article can be found on Medialist.

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