Art And Its New Face With Augmented Reality

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Art will now be faced anew with Augmented Reality. The future will be a handmade mixes upon the hand coded.

The scene is like precious rocks pulled out from deep waters, placed on a special sheet then a spectacular thing shows up skipping at each rock like it’s a rubble peaking out of the deep.

It is just one of the many bizarre and wonderful moments from Mirages & Miracles, an inauguration at France’s Scène Nationale Albi which moves through the 8th of April.

The art exhibit which was described as a sensitive coincidence amid the virtual and the real thing, is supplied fully with scripture and drawings that is flourished with an animated level of media when viewed through an augmented reality headset. It is if assumed as the Microsoft Hololens.

Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot conceptualized the said event, and it was taken as a considerable team of digital and analog makers to create life.

The video is available for watching in a walkthrough featured on Prosthetic Knowledge. In there, it could be difficult to point out the reason behind a confusion of why it’s pieces are so fascinating like any other item of art that will take you to surprise.

Upon examining the clip, viewers will witness in their eyes that some outlines grow rangy and hairy coils. Some will stretch out off their coarse material as if angry birds rush together through the gallery.

And the best moment is, a dark shade crawls from a pointillist outline that is droppin inky smudges upon its wake. The result is as if that of a sketch which is actually the real sketch fronted upon the viewer’s eyes.

These stuffs are so fresh that it already overflows much AR reflexes in the industry. A lot are confused whether it is the combination of organic materials like hair strands, rocks, inks and the pixels respectively.

AR pop ups coming from a QR code are the mostly seen by people. For alternation, AR that is able to annotate objects in the environment is offered in the cream light as if a projector that presents a digital interface into the master’s table from the top.

A handmade art that comes to life as if reality is what the Mirages & Miracles bring in. This means a feeling of indication rather than produced and downloaded by mass.

A visualization in the coming ten years shows that it is easy to imagine the confederation of Etsy-style prints and fashions being matched together with a whole level of augmented reality beauty.

In the near future, people are visualized doing the smallest pieces of arts via AR.


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