Arm Enables Autonomous Vehicles With Its Most Advanced Safety Processor

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ARM, a MicroProcessor Designer launched  a new safety processor called the ARM Cortex-R52 with advanced safety features that will be used in autonomous vehicles and for medical and industrial robots. The main focus of ARM is safety and that with the compliance for ISO 26262 ASIL D and IEC 61508 SIL 3 which are considered to be the most strict safety standards in the automotive and industrial markets.arm-autonomous-vehiclesThe general manager for CPU and media processing groups, ARM, James McNiven said that Cortex-R52 is the first processor of its kind built on the ARMV8-R architecture designed especially to address the functional safety. He further added that they will meet the safety-critical requirements of the autonomous vehicles and robotics systems which will, in turn, meet the market opportunities. The processor will undergo the documentation of strict development process, fault modeling, and support software isolation thereby, enabling a faster route to market for partners deploying these applications. This processor has been fitted in a chip which will be working in real-time safety-critical applications to ensure the functional safety of the humans when they come into contact with the machines.

STMicroelectronics is the first ARM partner to reveal that it has licensed the high-performance processor enabling it to create highly SoCs  for the automotive market. This new ARM chip can switch between tasks 14 times faster than its predecessor R5. This chip has rapidly taken its place in the autonomous and semi-autonomous machines where there are chances of causing injuries. The Cortex-R52 has a fully isolated safety-critical code which will separate the software tasks implemented by hardware.

The only drawback of this chip or the processor is that as the cars will be then without drivers, the chances of being hacked are increased. ARM has also announced the Cortex-A73 processor Mali G71 CPU which will be launched in May 2017 and it is said to power the majority of virtual reality-ready smartphones.

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