Argument Between VR And AR In Vogue

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VR and AR technology were on red topics over the past year specifically on how they accumulate sales against each other.

Interesting publications consider these two as raging competitive technologies. The fact is, both have already clear spots in the future so argument between VR and AR were already in vogue state.

AR and VR both support upgraded level of viewing experiences that enables the user to view things like they were actually in front of the viewer. They only differ between the worlds that they immerse you into.

AR Technology.

  • Provides an experience of 3D graphics cover the world in front of you.
  • Enhances the real world by bringing out elements that is designed digitally into it.
  • Takes mobile dependent lives to a whole new upgraded level of comfort.

AR was created with an expectation to be the next big stuff that connects itself to the world where people live in by enhancing daily life experiences starting from what was seen.

There are a lot of applications people use everyday without noticing that it already provide augmented reality. Pokemon Go is one of their most well known recreational applications.

VR Technology.

  • Takes you out of the real world completely and will surround you with a new digital world existing 360 degrees around you.
  • It immerse people fully in environments that will make them engage to other worlds and will be fully uniquely entertained and thought.
  • Fills the role in lives as similar to television that lets you escape and recreate from a whole day of stress.

VR as the next to television offers an engaging way to impart information and its capacity to see realities in different views without merging to the actual reality. It does not affect strongly daily works and interactions. It is only used for entertainment on media like for fun and informative purposes.


VR is all about media consumption. It creates brand new worlds and hold off reality. VR transformed the world, and may also transform the future by providing brand new ways of making media for the satisfaction to media dependent viewers.

AR on the one hand, is about improving reality. It adds something significant to entertain, help and inform people throughout daily lives. It also provides no limit opportunities of services, data, interaction and growth along with successful media creation.

If you engage to these technology applications, you wouldn’t have the chance to imagine them as adversaries. Your mood will indicate which technology you want to dive in at the moment. You may want to escape and immerse into VR experience and at the same time you can also choose AR to explore the world in a you never have been. These two will always have their place in the future.


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