Apps Using Augmented Reality To Drive Traffic For Event

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Pokemon Go has beautifully inter-woven the augmented reality with an element of treasure hunt to bring an essence of excitement among its users. This AR game has made people go crazy when it comes to hunting treasure.

Event Planners have come up with a very similar concept with an aim to attract the crowd to their events through an app called “Seek”. This app is similar to the Pokemon Go except for the fact that here, the users get the real prizes for their treasure hunts.

The CEO of Seek, Jon Cheney said that the launch of this app will be more effective as people usually remember the things they actually do rather than the things they hear or see. This app will make the people actually win the real rewards through their treasure hunt. It is also said that “Seek” will turn out as one of the best ways to engage the audience to the event.

The planners are allowed to place virtual “treasure chests” at any location within the venue, provided the fact that GPS is available there. The attendees of the event get to see dots on a map of their app on their devices through which they can locate their treasure chests. Once they are within the 10 feet of the area of the treasure chest, they can see an augmented-reality image of the treasure through their phone’s camera. They can click on this image which will, in turn, show and open the chest spins to disclose if the user has won a treasure prize or not. Through this app, the event organizers or the trade event planners can place different things of their choice in the treasure chest to attract the crowd to their events and make them win real prizes and increase their level of excitement.

Alternatively, an event planner can also put only one virtual treasure chest at a wide location in the radius of the event wherein they will set booths for collecting the prizes. The users will be randomly awarded when they click on the chest and then they will be required to collect their prizes from the booths set up in the event. This same concept had been implemented by the organizers of the Utah Sports, Health, and Fitness Expo in Salt Lake City for an event held on December 17. This concept will attract the crowd to the booths and gives them a winning feeling. This will, in turn, make the event successful.

The exhibitors who already aim to give away some stuff at their events can give them through this app which will give their customers a feeling as if they are winning something.

Moreover, this app also allows the planners to choose or keep low-value prizes in their chests according to their choice. On downloading this app, the users first will be asked few general questions like their birthday, gender, and their interests before proceeding ahead with their treasure-hunt.

The cost of one chest to be placed in an event starts from $2000 for which the exhibitors can choose whether to give a free access to their users or to charge them a particular cost for accessing the chest.

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