Apple Reveals Its Virtual Reality Content With A 360-degree U2 Music Video

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When it comes to surprising technology enthusiasts across the globe, no other tech company can surpass Apple Inc. In a recent development, Apple Inc., which is one of the most famous consumer electronic firms, has come up with its first virtual reality content  in partnership With U2.

The tech-giant has landed up in the business of virtual reality with a 360-degree music video that is developed by it with its musical partner U2- an Irish band.

Apple and U2 experiment with VR

According to reports, the music video which has been made accessible by Apple Inc., on “The Experience Bus,” to the fans of the Irish band, is available for public on the Vrse app. The Experience Bus is nothing but a vehicle (a bus), which follows the Irish band on tour., whereas Vrse is a virtual reality app, which hosts original VR content.

The media reports suggest that the bus showcasing the music video – “Song for Someone” is fully decorated with advertisements, wherein iPads and Macs are shown as promoting the video. The bus has an advanced setup, wherein the video is projected by Macs into Oculus – Apple’s virtual reality headsets and the audio is provided through Beats headphones.

The 360-degree music video is a part of Apple’s music partnership with the Irish band.

Apple reveals u2 music video launch

The music video, which is a classic example of original virtual reality content contain a 360 footage of a music session from an onstage performance of the band along with the other scenes showing music played by musicians across the world. The video features Apple Music branding initially, which makes it, even more, interesting.

Apple has been closely associated with Bono’s (RED) charity – an organization that is wholeheartedly working towards the prevention of AIDS. According to reports the organization has managed to raise approximately $320 million from the corporate world for its fight against AIDS.

U2 has been associated with Apple music for a long time now. Hence they are good partners for producing a virtual reality content.

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