Apple is Placing its Bet on Augmented Reality

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Apple’s Tim Cook is betting high on Augmented Reality for future product developments.

Augmented Reality is now being used in games such as the Pokemon Go. This technology allows the gamer to immerse in the real world with virtual objects. Because of the increasing demand of AR, the CEO of the tech giant has recently started a historical collaboration with AR developers.

Initial Plans

Reports have surfaced that AR is coming to Apple smartphones sooner than expected, but the CEO did not comment on this speculation. A report by Bloomberg Technology says that Apple is already working on digital spectacles that has the ability to connect with the iPhone with movies, maps, and other beam content and then to the user.

What Cook did confirm was that he already employed several AR specialists and software and hardware experts to plan this business milestone.

Why AR and not VR?

Although AR is already making waves in the gaming industry, it is still not as popular as VR. VR tends to fully immerse the gamer into a virtual environment; whereas AR somewhat mixes the real world with virtual objects.The best example is Pokemon Go wherein the gamer seeks for VR objects, being the Pokemons in the real world.

When asked why he prefers AR to VR, Cook explains that AR is more preferred because it is less intrusive compared to VR. He is also confident that AR will yield more sales based on its current demands.

The AR Market Predictions

Global Market Insights predict that by 2024, the AR global market will expand to up to 80% amounting to $165 in sales. The move to adopt this innovation by Apple is a business initiative to stay in the industry and maintain its place in the market. All because of a presumption that AR will replace smartphones in the near future.

In preparation to the realization of the gigantic plans of Cook, he hired Dolby’s tech and hardware specialist, Mike Rockwell. He currently leads Apple’s AR team. To spearhead the team, he started investing AR glasses from Meta, a small company of AR wearables.

Being one of the biggest names in tech, Apple is perhaps the chosen one in AR mobile applications considering the huge amount of expenses these AR resources and manpower will require. Cook is excited to experience AR everyday “like eating three meals a day,” the tech genius adds.


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