Amazon to Open AR Stores

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From books to groceries to AR retail, Amazon is setting the bar high up again as today’s biggest internet shopping site.

The online giant is eyeing the possibility of applying augmented reality angles on furniture and and appliance items. Experts say once this is realized, Amazon will again challenge its biggest competitors in the market. The likes of eBay and Alibaba will have to watch out.

Electronics Store

Reports have purchased that Amazon will also be creating an online electronics store, which concept is similar to that of Apple’s electronic stores. However, these are just some of the initial plans of the tech giant. Until now, there has not been a confirmation from the Amazon management and public relations yet.

AR Concept and Application

If the AR retailing concept is made possible, this will most certainly revolutionize shopping even more in this internet age. This could even wipe out physical stores as people will see more realistic details of the item they will buy through AR applications. This application allows consumers to be immersed in the virtual world to see a realistic view of the items. As a result, they may no longer need to go to physical stores.

Amazon’s Advantage

Amazon is using its internet expertise as an advantage in the market. Now that the Internet of Things continues to grow with many VR and AR possibilities, the internet giant is set to show its competitors who is boss. However, it can be noted that Alibaba, one of its biggest competitors, has already pioneered in AR applications with its Smartcars.

Amazon is clearly undaunted as it continues to explore ground-breaking technological innovations that will enhance its retail to make it more appropriate to its technologically-sound target market.

There is no definitive confirmation as to when this is happening yet, but a source says it is likely to happen in the next couple of years. Consumers are ecstatic about the news as this will eliminate doubts of shopping for items that just look good in pictures.

With items shown in different AR angles, it will be easy to see properly the quality and the construction of these furniture and appliances.


It is expected that consumer satisfaction will increase in terms of online shopping. More so, manufacturers will take the time and the effort to improve quality control of their products and services in line with the AR applications.

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