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Infinityleap is a platform that centralizes the following fields: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Wearable devices, Internet of Things and Computer Vision. All of these fields are closely related to one another yet one can mostly find websites that focus only on one of these fields. We are the only website that groups all of these new technologies together!


So we bring many visitors from all fields together without conflict since a visitor that are interested in one field, Will most surely find interest in the other fields. In this way, we are increasing the general interest in immersive technologies as a whole.


Beyond the interesting material we provide, we have built up a blogging platform. This platform enables any expert, researcher, write etc to create for himself a personal blog and so update visitors with original and quality content about innovations as they come from his personal viewpoint and background. In this way, we are invoking a mutual correlation between writers since we are providing them with a place to express themselves and expose their materials to a wide audience.


Our extensive marketing department make sure to bring mass traffic to the site so they can get acquainted with this quality information.


This kind of collaboration allows us to scale up exponentially and pull in more and more visitors, so that within a short span of time Infinityleap will be busy with entries from visitors and experts who are related to the immersive technologies feature in our site.






Articles can be uploaded freely! All one has to do is to register himself as an author (with his personal identity – not a fake or a company’s identity), thus it is in your power to promote your unique technology via our platform. It is important to know that we check writers for quality and approve and if we see fit that the writer can generate interesting, relevant and well-written content, the writer/author can enjoy the free exposure.



Infinityleap has many immersive tech professionals, be it developers, creative designers etc… you can advertise job postings and find the experts you are looking for.



if you found more interest in our platform than merely as a  source of exposure and would like to become more active in our site and also be part of our initiative – it is possible! we are looking for quality collaborations that will aid the future success of our project.


please feel free to contact us for any questions and we’d be happy to be of assistance.



Infinityleap team


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