Adding Virtual Reality To a Roller Coaster

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There’s a surprising factor getting developed for the roller coaster riders in North America. So, all the roller coaster riders out there, buckle up! The amusement park Six Flags has come up with the VR technology in their roller coaster rides for their riders and this will be the first of their kind. Introducing VR technology to the ride has developed an element of thrill in the riders.

Adding VR To a Roller Coaster

The amusement park Six Flags has collaborated with Samsung to bring up a Virtual Reality experience to their riders. The riders will be provided with VR headsets which will give them a Virtual Reality experience while on the ride. Before boarding the ride, the riders will be strapped with the VR headsets and so they won’t see the steel track going, or what is coming up next, instead they will be lost in the world Virtual Reality. As the ride launches into a series of drops, banks, and loops, the riders are swamped in a high-definition imagery and 360-degree virtual views. There is even a story line to follow as they scream their heads off.

The Six Flags amusement park will debut nine virtual reality roller coasters at its parks in Texas, Georgia, California, Missouri, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York and Montreal this spring. This virtual reality technology gives an immersive experience of being in a different world to the riders. The virtual reality experience is different from that of a 3-D simulator in the way that the imagery playing inside the headsets is completely in sync with what the physical roller coaster is doing on the track. So while the riders are flying amid high-rise buildings in the virtual world, they are barreling through a corkscrew in real life.

Moreover, this prevents you from getting dizzy because if you are sitting at home in a chair and experiencing a convincing 3-D movement, you are bound to get dizzy. But, when you are on the coaster and feeling the same movements that you are watching and seeing, you don’t get dizzy. So, it is crucial to sync the virtual ride with the reality ride.

The benefit of introducing virtual reality technology in the roller coaster ride is that even the riders who often feel scared in the roller coaster rides, are comfortable and feel safer with the virtual reality experience. They don’t a video game environment can harm them in any way. Though the rides will be completely new attractions, they will be outfitted with the Samsung Gear VR headsets that have been adapted for specifically for hygienic and safe use on the coasters.

Thus, combining the virtual-reality experience with the physical sensations of the roller coaster will increase the thrill factor up to 10 times for the coaster riders.

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