Infinityleap – what about us?


What if everything was possible?

What if all boundaries fell down? What if you could be, do or have anything you wished for?

what if you could leap into a world of infinity?

Infinityleap was formed to serve as a bridge between this world and the next generation world, where man and machine unite and rise humanity into a new realm of experience.

Frightening or exciting ? Perhaps both. But inevitable – no doubt. Now is the time to shape it and set the desired course.

If we don’t do it, someone else will – but you may not like it. Not one bit

Infinity leap is a worldwide platform that serves as coordinated effort to align and speed up the coming of this new world where Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Wearables, Internet of Thing and Computer Vision meet to speed up and realize this future world.

Infinityleap calls community and industry leaders to join forces using our platform to coordinate, update and  share their views, ideas, projects, needs so as to speed up, standardize, support and be supported by each other so as to responsibly form this new world.

we have created an open news and multi-author platform  solely for these new technologies and their communities.

We will be providing first hand, high end news, technological data and social exchange for innovators, developers, gamers, investors, startups, corporations, marketers, tech evangelists, business and community leaders with the purpose of  coordinating and aspiring each other, aligning all information into a whole body of knowledge to serve us all in this purpose.

Join us and enjoy a Leap to Infinity, and may you never be the same again

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