A new Location Based VR solution with a global vision

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Hacker Unit (the first, entirely remote accelerator dedicated to disruptive technologies)  announced the ten companies part of the VR/AR Hacker Unit cohort this year. AVR is one of them with a unique vision on Location Based VR theme parks. They just revealed a sneak peek video from what they are building. This company is just a mystery box with many secrets. They hinted that it will be the most affordable VR theme park solution and will be sold as a package to global clients. It seems that they converted a whole paintball field to VR. Here is a short blurb of company :


A location-based virtual reality theme park solution.

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Location-based VR is perhaps the most relevant technology in the VR world and is expected to replace, or at least alter, indoor entertainment areas like theme parks, paintball, and laser combat fields, mall entertainment areas, etc.  Gamers are looking for more immersive and interactive experiences than their own VR setup at home. The solution, built by the Istanbul-based startup, is a complete product package which contains affordable tracking hardware, physical environment, and VR content. AVR is mostly focused on affordable and easy setup as all current location-based CAVE solutions are expensive and require high-end expertise to put in place.

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