A Heartbeat Shift Detector And Life Saving Fitbit Fitness Tracker

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A fitness tracker has more to offer beyond casting off weights. It collects data from your body stretching out to the point of saving your life. The fitness tracker is actually more useful than you think it is.

Reports of cases where Fitbit performed it’s saving of life:

Patricia Lauder, 73 Years of age, from Connecticut, USA.

Fitbit data was noticed as recording an abnormally heart rate resting high pointing of above 140 beats per minute which indicates a considerably higher than her normal 60 to 70.

Lauder had already been to her doctor following a current infection on her sinus and was waiting for the results. The result was quite alarming that Lauder has called 911 for her to be sent to the emergency ward.

She was then scanned at the hospital and results showed that there were blood clots in both of her lungs. This circumstance drafted her heart to work harder and recoup for her low oxygen levels.

Being disregarded, the bulky clot is potentially dangerous because it stops the flow of blood towards the lungs. 24 hours after the treatment, her lungs and heart has returned to its normal performance as there was no longer a blood clot that disrupted the her body’s processes.

42-year-old man (unnamed), April, 2016, Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, New Jersey, USA.

Noticed by a medical team with an atrial fibrillation or a fast, irregular beating of the heart, the doctors decided to give him intensive treatment.

At first, the doctors were questioning the cause of the irregularity. It could be chronic or it could be just prompted by seizures that the patient had suffered 20 minutes before reaching the hospital.

Doctors have to follow procedures depending on the condition and medical history of the patient.

If the patient’s current condition was prompted by the seizures, they had to use a defibrillator to relieve the arrhythmia but if it was chronic, they have to do another procedure inasmuch as it could create a stroke.

Gratefully, the medical team observed that he was wearing with him a Fitbit fitness tracker. They checked on the data of heart rate recorded by the device.

Doctor Alfred Sacchetti then noticed that his normal pulse before the incident was only 70-80 beats per minute then it jumped into the rate of 140-160 beats per minute. This verifies that the seizures caused the problem and also mean that defibrillation could result into worst emanations and it could be lethal. The doctors were then able to perform the appropriate procedure.

From those incidents, doctors highly encouraged patients and even non-patients to use fitness trackers for them to be more conscious.

Fitness trackers now have a promising potential that can offer to medical teams with its objective data in time of emergency situations.

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