#4DisTheNew3D… ‘Asian Fusion’ 4D Immersive Street Art Installation by Anthony Cappetto w/ ARt for After Hours 4D Team

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AfAH 4D AR mini demo Asian Fusion ACappetto sq wm Hello Everyone at Infinity Leap!

Just back from my latest 4D Immersive Art Installation – ‘Asian Fusion’ executed onsite at the Artisphere International Arts Festival in Greenville, South Carolina.



‘Asian Fusion’ – 4D Street Art Immersive Installation integrating augmented, virtual reality, dry chalk, on pavement live onsite.  10 feet wide by 27 feet in depth.

AfAH principals ACappetto WStum 2


Early morning onsite testing out our VR goggles prior to public demos of augmented and virtual reality with the ‘Asian Fusion’ street painting chalk art pavement work…

AfAH 4D AR VR Demo for Asian Fusion Street ARt Immersive small


Demos – Prior to final AR presentation, we demoed the concepts of AR and a VR 360 degree walkthrough inspired by my anamorphically designed (be seen as a 3D illusion through a camera lens at a point set by the designing artist).

AR of our Chinese bowl and chopsticks-

AfAH 4D AR goggles view AR and chalk wm

AfAH 4D AR goggles view Asian Fusion interaction wm


Art for After Hours Marketing Director Wendy Stum testing AR locations enhancing the demo process we shared with the public over the Festival Weekend…

AfAH 4D AR goggles view ACappetto Asian Fusion1wm


As many people outside of the industry (general public) have not really seen AR applied, especially in blending of fine art and emerging technologies – the response was huge… Spoke with design professionals such as architects using AR and VR as a new part of the design process, still for the major firms, but gaining traction in mid level firms as well. Young people were very excited about seeing AR (and VR) live onsite.

VR Walkthrough of ‘Asian Fusion’ by Anthony Cappetto and the ARt for After Hours 4D Team –

With invaluable assistance and coordination of our NYC technology team, and our team artists, ARt for After Hours 4D presented this 4D walkthrough to the public and many more immersive, hybrid concepts in process to be seen moving forward…  Combining chalk drawn imagery from Anthony Cappetto on deconstructed Chinese bowl as VR motif in an oversized, playful VR environment including a soundtrack for increasing immersivity…

AfAH 4D VR goggles view Asian Fusion 360d Immersive 2 wm

AfAH 4D VR goggles view Asian Fusion 360d Immersive 4 wm

AfAH 4D VR goggles view Asian Fusion 360d Immersive 4 wm

AfAH 4D VR goggles view Asian Fusion 360d Immersive 5 wm

AfAH 4D VR goggles view Asian Fusion 360d Immersive wm

Going from physical overview to from the plates view was a totally new experience for thousands of people who in time will expect the hybrid (physical/virtual) experience in even traditional 400 plus year old art forms…  Glad to be leading the charge…

Overhead view point for AfAH 4D Asian Fusion small

From the bridge overhead – people wanted to see the full 4D art experience here as well as on the ground where we were working…

Overhead view Asian Fusion 3 wm

Wendy (at left), showing people how to view the 4D art installation initially through the phone camera to establish the proper viewing angle…



AfAH 4D AR view on Asian Fusion 1 wm


Then, impromptu positioning for a quick AR view (as we were still finalizing placements at the time…)


Then final positions were set to allow us to have AR bowl models where I wanted them to be for 4D art/technology integration.  As projects increase in sophistication expect more complexity and processes to keep AR, VR, and more in ARt for After Hours 4D works of my designs.

Special thanks to our NYC tech team, @AfAH 4D team artists Wendy Stum (back) and Holland Winslow (left) for their hard work and dedication in these pioneering works of what will be the next step in the four hundred year plus art form of street painting art.  We look forward to many more 4D projects to come!

Anthony Cappetto is an internationally recognized anamorphic street artist since 2001 and 4D early adopter of emerging technologies since 2007 from virtual spaces to AR, VR and hybrid environments.  Cappetto is founder of Art for After Hours, the first professional street painting company bringing 3D and now 4D projects to events, launches, branding, festivals, for corporate, advertising, public relations, government, ngo’s, and public art exhibitions in Europe, Asia, Middle East, North & South America. #4DisTheNew3D @AfAH @AnthonyCappetto


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