4D Immersive Street Art – A New Terminology for Chalk and Pavements…

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So what is 4D?

As an early adopter of what is becoming known as emerging technologies, Art for After Hours and its founder Anthony Cappetto say what it isn’t – its just not a vertical panel and a ground panel put together alone. (or in this case, a ground drawn piece but the premise remains…).

This is a 4D immersive art work using augmented reality, in this case the 3D computer model of the IIT Bombay mascot moving around the 3D pavement art image that I designed and drew live in Mumbai early in January in 2012.  Very warm, a change from typically cold New Years time in NYC…

AfAH ACappetto 3DAR Techfest 012312

As I am blogging about the 4D immersive art form, new to the emerging technology audience as well as the chalk/pavement art one, I’m noting to my readers that without the element of one or more elements of emerging technology such as (but certainly not limited to):

artforafterhours.com anthonycappetto.com

‘Cityscape’, 3D pavement art by Anthony Cappetto at IIT Bombay in Mumbai, India

This is a reverse angle of the ‘Cityscape’ piece which has the iPad setup running the dedicated application for the robot mascot above in this post.  For those new to this art form, an anamorphic image is designed and drawn to appear 3D when seen through a lens, tablet, device from a set point established by the artist.  This specific design methodology allows a drawing made as a 2D artwork to appear 3D when seen through a lens, and then the application of 4D emerging technologies overlaid upon a live event allows people to physically enter a virtual environment made of hand drawn art work and technologically generated imagery/animation for an art type never seen on a wide commercial scale until now.

Conversational Note:

As the street art market is now in the pivot to 4D emerging technologies as the rest of the world in countless other fields, I as founder of Art for After Hours and an early adopter in augmented, virtual, and simulations since the mid 2000’s wished to offer these clarifications to our public, our clients, past and present as some in the marketplace may say they’re doing 4D but really its only 3D without the 4D technology element. This discussion is only an item for clarification further defined by the complexities of integrating 4D with 3D ranging from logistics to budgets and more… The investment always pays off to be at the front of innovation as Art for After Hours saw with the rise of 3D over a decade ago.

Best for 2016 and look forward to sharing more of this very exciting development in blending the traditional street/chalk art form with the latest in emerging technologies.  A.C.

And I do wish to hear from our readers who could imagine vehicles to bring this art form into promotions, conventions, tradeshows from our art/technology team at Art for After Hours 4D Immersive Street Art.

Until our next post…

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