40 Hour Charity Live Stream In VR

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Virtual Reality has come up with so many interesting and entertaining projects and is still on its way to bring to us much more. VRRelated will be running a 40-hour live stream which will be continuous for raising a charity fund for the blind.

This stream is going to take place from 5th August 8 pm until 7th August 12 pm under the leadership of Jomas Benfell who voluntarily took this event on the wheels of Virtual Technology. Virtual Reality technology has widened its wings in almost every sector, yet it needs to be explored more. Jomas approached the VRRelated about this event and as it was for a noble cause, they got ready to team up with him and organize the event of a continuous live stream of 40-hour VR for raising fund for the ones who are unable to experience the VR technology.

The official Twitch TV channel will broadcast the stream which will be taking place on 5th August 8pm onwards continuous up to 7th August 12pm. Jomas will be conducting this event with his friends wherein they will be engaging a range of activities revolving around VR technology and its content. Moreover, he has tried managing the interests of emerging game developers and the related companies in this industry.

Blind_Foundation_CharityJomas Benfell intended to raise the charity fund of $50000 for the Blind Association. He had started with $o budget and was been supported by friends and the companies of this industry to fulfill his dream of raising the charity for the blind.

In the continuity of the live stream, they are going to play a wide range of Virtual Reality games and going to make an influence thereby. The developers have contributed around for 107 games that will be played during the running of the stream and over 200 games will be given over to the viewers. Moreover, the sponsors have sponsored 300EUD  worth of G2A vouchers, the HTC Vive, a VRReady PC, a venue for the stream and everything else that was needed.

Jomas is very much thankful to all those who supported him to fulfill his dream of raising a charity of $50000, thereby helping the Blind Association with the fund raised through this stream. You can find out the details about the charity work on their official website. Also, you can show your generosity with your donations voluntarily for the noble cause.

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