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360° Stereoscopic Video – have you tried it yet?

Samsung Gear VR offers some of the world’s most attractive locations via VR experiences – though it’s not like being there, it is like feeling there. Although there’s no waitress serving you an exotic cocktail on a Hawaiian beach, you do  save yourself the trouble of trekking to a volcano by seeing and believing you are actually flying above it. So it won’t replace the actual vacation but it will definitely give your motivation to take a trip a boost.

How is it done shooting wise?

There are a few options on the market today, and most of them are GOPRO (or other action cameras) based rigs, the problem is that after shooting -all the cameras need to be stichted together in a cumbersome work process.

The 360° Stereoscopic Video is a HOT thing now, and as a result it effects VR user experiences since they are not just real-time 3d environments anymore, they are also Virtual environments that are 100% Video – all around you-  you look up- you see the sky, you look down – you see the ground and so on. In the African Safari demo the Samsung  VR store offers, you can see the device that they used to film the video with, on several occasions – for instance: when in front of you are two very incredible lions – if you look behind you can see a Safari tour guide who used to hold a stick. The stick itself was erased in the stitching process, but it’s shadow is still there. His hands look like he was bitten by the lion since the editor needed to delete part of them, in order to hide the stick. This is also the case in a few other places during that experience. watch it again- look for the shadow.  It means that who ever did the stitching was trying hard to cover hisher tracks, I’m not sure why- it’s not like someone would imagine that the shooting took place without human involvement…  so I’m really not sure that the right way to handle the stitching is “hiding the device/ the tripod”. Jaunt, an american 360° video company- is  hiding the tripod differently- it covers it with their logo – great Idea, and great self promotion too.

a few months ago Youtube launched their platform to view 360° video via the YouTube app, and on android phones, a Google Cardboard-compatible side-by-side configuration is also available. Today we can also watch it on PC .  tomorrow land 2014 is the most viewed video of that type – no one can stay indifferent to that amazing “madness” – I challenge you to watch it and look for the person holding the Rig or the location of the tripod in each shot- it’s very easy if you know a thing or two about stitching, and if you look for it while pausing the video. let me tell you- its not perfect at all..


We, at Edge- MT decided to use a Rig that contains 6 modified GoPro cameras for stereoscopic 360° videos and activate the cameras using the gopro app. you are welcome to watch the unpacking video we shot when the Rig arrived at our door, to learn more about it. At this stage,Using 6 cameras Rig and stitching them all seems like the smartest thing to do.

a lot of promising projects in this arena are already in development and have a “TBA” release date. Samsung, for example, is working on ” Project Beyond’ which is a shooting device that is supposed to contain 16 cameras inside it – which means it would be AMAZING if it will work properly. In addition there are projects aimed at consumers such as:”  360fly”. In a year from now more huge names will be involved-  Google is planning to launch “Google Jump” and Apple obviously won’t be left behind. It is HOT and it’s right here.



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