Spatial Audio for the latest 360 showreel by Scopic

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For the first time we decided to empower our 360 Showreel by using the Spatial Audio technology to create a fully immersive experience. Scopic is the first video production company to combine two top-notch technologies to create a 360 showreel. Indeed, directional audio replicates a natural listening experience by matching the right audio cues with a virtual reality video.

(Make sure you watch it from the Youtube Android App)

By uniting this technologies we are enhancing the viewer experience as he also endorse the director’s function ; by being able to choose where he looks based on what he wants to see. That is the reason why we decided to showcase our finest shots with Spatial Audio technology to immerse you directly into the latest 360 showreel.

Enjoy now our latest 360 video with a Spatial Audio, but make sure that you are watching this video with headphones for an optimal VR experience from the YouTube Android app (in other devices its gonna be stereo-audio).


Soon you will be able to experience it from our own Gear VR app!

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