2016 CES- Promoting the EQ factor

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The Wow!, the what & the hmmm factor

Kick starting the year by observing the EQ evolution. Why has EQ become so important, I still don’t have the answer but the strong belief that it helps build a healthier team and a better individual leading to better results for every organization that .

The Conferences and the networking events we attend focus on building awareness about the upcoming projects , technologies and sometimes the amazing research that has leads to evolution. How relevant is EQ in these sectors?

With this thought in mind , I went exploring different boots at CES and the closest to EQ was the heath care sector !

The WOW!

Popie: the most adorable toy animal that could kill your loneliness was just mind blowing… All gadgets factor the “on the go” or ” smoother smarter life solutions” demographic, but life does not stop with that. Once the work rush is over and old age kicks in, the loneliness increases , the fact that Popie was created to help the old and retired crowd and put a smile on their face was priceless. Uber

HealMet: A new direction in Healthcare wearable device. Unlike the smart gadget attached wellness device, HealMet is focused on building long term consumer awareness and support prescreening/analysis just by the touch of palms. HealMet will assess your current health condition and raise a flag of awareness leading to prevention than cure

The What ?

Uber... the neat solution to your transportation. That was the impression I had the first time I used the service. The driver was very polite and we had a wonderful conversation on “global warming “. As the day folded and it wads time to head back to the apartment, I face another experience with Uber… The “surge price” option. During peak hours Uber can hike the price by 6.1 times the original price. Well the idea of using the service is convenience and cost effective pricing…  My EQ just sunk with this thought

The hmmm……..

It was an interesting experience seeing new products, talking to individuals and understanding their excitement in their products. I was hoping to see more merged technology products ( IoT & Solar , IoT , Healthcare & AR ) . The idea of blending two technologies to build a product will be the future…. Each of these emerging technologies have high potential just need the right blend to build a products ” as match made in heaven”…..

Bringing the virtual world to where we are and giving the experience , makes it up all for the trip….


With CES -2017 building the momentum , waiting to hear the key sectors that will shape this years products, services and technology market. Will EQ still be a influencing factor for 2017 is yet to be known ?

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